Free the child's potential, and you will transform him into the world ~ Maria Montessori

Our Philosophy

It is the most fundamental teachings of Dr. Maria Montessori that Minds of Tomorrow Montessori is building upon. Drawing on the natural and spontaneous curiosity that children possess, the children at Minds of Tomorrow Montessori will be always learning and applying skills and concepts from the world around them. This is why Minds of Tomorrow Montessori is extremely proud to offer our students a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to effortlessly master a second language naturally while obtaining a rich Montessori education.  We know children learn best through "hands-on" experience. By participating in the actual lessons and understanding them, the Montessori child develops an ability to problem solve, investigate and question. With our mixed-age classroom, children can reinforce what they know by sharing their knowledge with their peers.  Using this methodology, your child develops a positive self-image as well as respect for themselves and those around them.


Our Founder

Mildred A. A. Zamorano-Perry was born in La Paz, Bolivia and is-a mother of 2 Montessori children.  One of her many aspirations has been to expand the marvelous benefits of the Montessori Education in Spanish to more communities. Mil has always been very passionate about working with children.  She taught in public school as a Bilingual/Dual Language teacher for more than 10 years.  She has her Master's in Science degree Educational Leadership and opened Minds of Tomorrow Montessori.  Mil is currently completing her Montessori training through an accredited AMS (American Montessori Society) Montessori program and plans to resume post-graduate school next summer. 


"The possibilities are infinite as we continue to lay the foundation for the minds of tomorrow's educational success."  ~M.A.A.Z.P


Our Co-Founder

M. C. Eugenia A- Alandia (Maugi) was born in La Paz, Bolivia and pursued the career in architecture. Upon moving to the United States she has been an active member promoting cultural awareness and diversity.  Her passions lie in humanitarian causes, multicultural awareness, design-restoration, and innovative alternative practices. She is the assistant administrator of Minds of Tomorrow. 



Mil's and Maugi's original vision and determination inspired the vision and mission of Minds of Tomorrow Montessori to be fully committed to today's children.




We understand that finding the right program is quite possibly one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make as parents and that is why we strive and foster to meet various aspects to meet your child's early education. 



Minds of Tomorrow offers these CORE VALUES:

  • Respect for children as individuals

  • Safe, Loving and engaging classrooms

  • Passion for cultures and languages

  • Diversity-foster a climate that is open and welcoming to diverse people, ideas and perspectives

  • Compassionate care: Treat all (parents, teachers, colleagues) with understanding and respect.

  • Nurtures individual- we believe in the potential of each person

  • Responsibility- Dependability and Accountability

  • Ethics- maintains the highest standards of conduct

  • Quality- adheres to the highest standards of excellence

  • Low student-teacher ratio Individual and small-group instruction

  • Promotes friendship, kindness, respect, purposefulness, motivation, independence, and confidence in each child's own abilities.

  • Collaborative learning approach in multi-aged classrooms (teachers and students alike)

  • Develops children into life-long learners

  • Working within the Framework of the Montessori Philosophy


As a Montessori School, we value a thoughtful and well-prepared learning environment that is purposeful and peaceful in English and Spanish 



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