Karen D Barkow- holds her Master's Degree in Early Childhood Education (Concordia University) and received her Montessori training at Montessori Seton. Karen has more than 30 years of teaching experience and is AMS certified.  Her experience, personality, and passion for teaching bring a solid foundation for the new generation at Minds of Tomorrow.  In her spare time. Karen is a free-spirited, loving, caring and active volunteer with local organizations.

Jocelynn C. Antezana- Spanish Immersion Assistant- Jocelynn is currently working on her associates degree and will pursue her Montessori Certification through AMS accredited training center. Jocelynn believes that children are great imitators, so she wants to give them something great to imitate: quality Montessori education.


Mildred Zamorano-Perry- was a bilingual/dual language instructor for over 10 years. Mildred's passion is promoting multiculturalism by leveraging experiences from her background. Mil believes that the first step toward multiculturism is the acquisition of a second language that bridges new culture that advocates sensitivity, respect, and desire for expanding global experiences. Mil is committed to working with families to promote growth and development of each child; she also knows that the first years of development of a child is vital; therefore, she understands the importance of providing quality education is imperative so each child develops to their full potential: social, emotional, physical and cognitive. Mil holds her Master's degree in Educational Leadership (Cardinal Stritch University) and aspires to expand Montessori Spanish Immersion program in Wisconsin.  Mil is currently enrolled in the Montessori early childhood teacher preparation course, that leads to the Montessori certification under the auspices of the American Montessori Society at (MTSN) Montessori Training of Southern Nevada.



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