Our mission is to prepare our students socially, emotionally and academically to be fulfilled individuals who make a positive contribution to family and society.  We want each child to embrace a true passion for multiculturism, self-leadership, and a second language at an early age while attaining the benefits of a Montessori classroom approach.

Minds of Tomorrow Montessori's Spanish Immersion program emphasizes the relationship between the academically challenging material presented in the classroom, and the breadth of experiences children have in their lives outside of the classroom. This means planting the seed of cultural awareness and interest that will grow and foster diversity and cultural sensitivity with the minds of tomorrows generation. Through compassionate and guided nurturing, we hope to give children, families, and community a true passion for multiculturalism and self-leadership.









Minds of Tomorrow Montessori believes that by helping our students as a community acquire the essential knowledge, thinking skills, and strength of character required to flourish as joyous children today, and as successful adults who tomorrow will reach their full potential!  This is why at Minds of Tomorrow Montessori we follow the Montessori methodology- and feel confident that parents support in giving the child freedom of choice, exploration, and discovery.   Together, the school and community will produce children who care for their environemnt, value their community, are inspired to follow their own path and excel in all areas of interest. We embrace and foster that each child understands and delight in both the wondrous world around them and their burgeoning personal identity within.





Early childhood education is the key to the betterment of society. ~Maria Montessori

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